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Robin's interest for metal music started at the age of 8 when he heard groups like Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister and then he went to town and wasted all his money on expensive heavy metal records which he listened to night and day. About the same age he started to play drums and after a while two of his friends joined him and they started to rehearse a couple of easy metal tracks. When Robin turned 10 he heard the record "Keeper of the Seven Keys" by Helloween for the first time and that record lit his interest to be a guitarist. At the age of 11 he began to practice a couple of songs on his fathers old acoustic guitar and he bought his first electric guitar when he was 12 years old. In 1996 Robin and some of his classmates started the heavy/power metal quartette Fatal Glory with Robin as lead singer and guitarist and they did a lot of local gigs. In the year of 2000 they made it to the finals in a rock band competition but they ended up on 3rd place. Today Fatal Glory doesn't exist.


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