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Fredrik was born and raised in Bollnäs in Sweden, his first interest in music came in 7th grade when at the music lessons the kids could jam as much as they wanted, he had a band then where he played bass. Since then Fredrik has been involved in several bands, his first real band was called Solitude, the music was plain instrumental and influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen and Satriani etc. The band recorded one demo tape and one single. Fredrik's second band was called Shape, they played rock/västkustrock They recorded two demo tapes. All the guys in Shape except Fredrik and one other guy later started the band Streettalk with Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) as a vocalist. After this, it was time for Tad Morose and Fredrik experienced a record deal for the first time. Fredrik accomplished three full- length CDs and one MCD with Tad Morose before he decided to move to Linköping. Under his time in Bollnäs he also played in a lot of cover bands. The reason he moved to Linköping was that he always have been interested to work with youths in all ages and since his hometown couldn't give him the satisfaction within that field a friend told him to apply for Valla Folkhögskola and he did. Two years later he came in contact with Morifade and the triumph was a fact!


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